My Favorite Hair Products

Hot Tools Hair Straightener

Recently, I've been emotionally attached to my Hot Tools Hair Straightener - This is how I get the straight 'Cher' inspired hair. Did I mention that I looooovvvvveeee Cher!!!!!

Pantene Pro-V 4 Hairspray

Pantene Pro-V 4 Hairspray - Keeps everything smooth and inplace. Also helps hold the highest of bouffants!

OGX Natural Finish Aspen Extra Texture Spray

OGX Natural (nothing natural happening here lol) Finish Aspen Extra Texture Spray (for volume). Texture spray is for when you need your hair to be a little dirty, but it's not. Holds everything together and gives a lot of volume.

Conair Hair Curler

Conair Hair Curler - No explanation needed sis.

Color Wow - Dream Coat

Color Wow - Dream Coat. My hair stylist Carley Grieco Ericsson gave this to me. It's like a raincoat for the hair and makes it look super glossy.

Small Brush

Small Brush for teasing and smoothing.